tonico desmaquilhante rosas venus touch

VENUS TOUCH Tonic and Makeup Remover


Gently lift impurities with this rose-based, soothing tonic and makeup remover that leaves the skin happy and velvety.

60 ml

Inspired by the rose flower that also gave rise to the myth of the Greek goddess Venus, this antioxidant tonic and make-up remover soothes your skin and your spirits.


Venus Touch sloughs away impurities with zero damage to the skin's PH or its protective barrier. This ensures a balanced sebum production that smooths the skin's complexion and promotes a healthy, even glow.


This blend of Damask rose floral water, rosehip oil, and rose petals and buds extracts is the most natural method to freshen up tired skin and delay wrinkles.


Great for all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin.


Active ingredients: damask rose floral bio water, biological rosehip oil, rose petals and buds extracts, rosa geranium and palmarosa essential oils


The product label lists all ingredients.


Use with: Sente SerumNamastéSleep Tight or with any other of our serums

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