Shiva Shampoo barra champo solido

SHIVA Shampoo Bar


Stimulate your scalp and healthy hair growth with this shampoo bar for shiny, strong locks.

100 gr

Hair Type

A rich and creamy shampoo bar that imbues strands with nutrients for a healthy bounce and shine. Rosemary oil encourages hair growth, while lemon offers a generous portion of shine from root to tip.


The Rhassoul clay and the Amla fruit each addresses a different hair problem:


  • The Rhassoul clay, mined from the Atlas mountains, cleans and nourishes oily hair. Moroccans have used this mineral-packed clay in hair care for centuries to balance the sebum production without irritating the scalp.


  • The Amla fruit, used in Ayurveda medicine, invigorates and replenishes the hydration of dry hair. This ingredient soothes the scalp, preventing and helping to combat dandruff. It leaves the hair so soft that it doesn't require any conditioner.


Choose the type of shampoo according to your scalp, and not the hair tips. In exceptional cases, when the scalp and the hair tips are prone to different problems, use different shampoos for each part of the hair.


Use this shampoo in combination with Hair Mate for supple, healthy hair.


All our bars and soaps contain high-quality aromatic biological oils. See all our soaps here.


Active ingredients: rosemary, lemon, Rhassoul clay, Amla


The product label lists all ingredients.

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