sais banho detox shanty soak

SHANTY SOAK Detox Bath Salts


Detox your body with minerals and Himalaya salt and clear your mind with an infusion of rose petals and perfumed oils.

100 gr

These mineral-rich bath salts quickly fizzle to cleanse and exfoliate your body, while you sit back and soak in the gentle rose scent.


Lavender and ylang ylang essential oils soothe the skin and spirit for full end-of-day relief.


You can use Shanty Soak as a natural remedy or in a bathtub, a soaking tub, or a simple basin to relax.


They’re great for muscle pain, arthritis, bruises and sprains, skin burns and skin redness, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, or tired and swollen feet.


Active ingredients: magnesium sulfate, Himalayan salt, rose petals, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils


The product label lists all ingredients.


Use with: MagmágicMorning Love

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