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SENTE SERUM All-In-One Serum


A versatile facial serum great for cleansing, toning, and gently scrubbing to restore suppleness and a healthy glow.

20 ml / 60 ml


Say hello to smooth, radiant and healthy skin!


While this may seem contradictory, the solution to oily skin can be applying the right oils. Scrubbing your skin of its natural oils only exacerbates the problem by encouraging it to compensate and produce sebum in excess.


By allowing your skin to absorb this serum's non-comedogenic biological oils, you gently slough impurities away and allow your pores to breath. This means fewer blemishes or other skin imperfections, such as black spots, as well as nourished skin with a balanced sebum production.


The result is as clear as your skin: no more oily skin, less acne, and a plump, lit-from-within appearance.


Sente Serum is crucial in facial care regimes and by using it daily through the oil cleansing method you will get the best results.


Active ingredients: marigold, chamomile, carrot, argan oil


The product label lists all ingredients.


You can and should use this serum together with our other topical products for intense treatments, such as Happy Life, Sleep Tight, and Forever Young. You can also use it as a base for the Namasté day cream.

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