Rise & Shine Kit Cuidado Facial

RISE & SHINE KIT Facial Care


Three products essential for daily facial care to protect, nourish, and comfort any type of skin.


The Rise & Shine kit includes:


  • Venus Touch: micellar rose water to remove makeup and tone skin
  • Namasté: day cream that nourishes and hydrates the skin; choose according to your skin type
  • Choose one serum that best suits your needs:
    Morning Glory: day serum that protects the skin's elasticity, restores moisture, and protects cells from oxidizing
    Happy Life: a hyper-potent antioxidant serum that restores a lifted, bright look
    Sente Serum: a versatile, multi-use serum, great for oil cleansing, toning, and gently scrubbing
    Forever Young: regenerating serum for blemish-prone skin that reduces melanin production for a balanced, radiant complexion
  • Sente Senas cotton toiletry bag: organic, soft cotton toiletry bag to keep your favorite cosmetics at hand
  • Eco Box Sente Senas: great for presents, with a tag to add a personalized message


Please check the details of each product included in this kit to find out more about the ingredients.

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