Retro Shaving Sabao de barbear

RETRO SHAVING Soap for Shaving


Delicate shaving soap for a soft skin and zero irritation.

50 gr

A delicate soap that creates a rich, creamy lather and provides outstanding cushion and glide for the razor.


The Shea and natural cocoa butters create a natural moisturizer that makes this soap perfect for sensitive skin. Retro Shaving leaves it fully nourished and hydrated and protects it from nicks and irritation.


This eco-friendly shaving solution lacks the regular aerosol packaging and doesn’t have any chemicals that harm your skin and our nature.


All our bars and soaps contain high-quality aromatic biological oils. See all our soaps here.


Active ingredients: Shea butter, natural cocoa butter, castor oil, juniper, and cypress


The product label lists all ingredients.


Use with: Pull a Beard, Beard in Mind

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