NEW MOON Detox Soap

NEW MOON Detox Soap


An intensely purifying soap that gently cleanses the pores, clears excess oils, and nourishes the skin.

100 gr

Great for all skin types and ideal for oily and acneic skin, New Moon cleanses without stripping and balances sebum production. The activated charcoal draws out all impurities from the pores, making this soap perfect for those who live in the city and expose their skin to toxins.


The oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins alleviate and cool inflamed pores and protect the skin's elasticity.


This soap can be used both in facial and body care.


All our bars and soaps contain high-quality aromatic biological oils. See all our soaps here.


Active ingredients: activated charcoal, tea tree essential oil


The product label lists all ingredients.


Use with: Sente SerumNamasté, or any of our serums, such as Morning Glory or Me, Myself & Eye

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