Serum Facial Hibisco Morning Glory

MORNING GLORY Hibiscus Facial Serum


A light, thirst-quenching serum to enliven skin complexion and protect for the whole day.

20 ml / 60 ml


Awaken your skin with a full dose of healthy nutrients and hydration that shield it for the whole day.


Morning Glory's hibiscus flower extract is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). In their synthetic form, AHAs are excessively harsh for the skin and can lead to long-term damage.


However, naturally occurring acids gently exfoliate the skin, have cell renewal capacity, and control the sebum production. The pores which dilated to allow the sebum to flow close and the skin becomes fresh, refined, and smooth.


This daily care regime that banishes excess oil without stripping or dehydrating particularly benefits sensitive skin, but is great for all skin types.


Active ingredients: hibiscus extract, vitamin E, orange flower


The product label lists all ingredients.


Use with: Sente Serum, Venus Touch, Namasté, or together with our other serums

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