pure Shea Butter Burkina Faso

SHEA BUTTER Pure and Biological


Burkina Faso Shea butter - so good, so pure it doesn't need anything else.

50 gr

Carefully whipped Shea butter that replenishes your skin's nutrients, revitalizes tissue, and restores elasticity.


A rich source of powerful antioxidants, vitamin A & E, and crucial fatty acids, this Shea butter regenerates sensitive skin and that damaged by laser or aggressive hair removal techniques. It builds a barrier that protects against extreme climates, keeping sunburns and chilblains at bay.


The Shea butter is sourced in Burkina Faso, where the Shea nuts have been dried, crushed, roasted, and pressed and the resulting liquor whipped and kneaded. It came to us through the Cinéma Du Désert, a solar-powered mobile cinema that, as a thank you, gets 10% of its sales.


Active ingredients: Shea butter


The product label lists all ingredients.

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