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Natural means happy, healthy, and beautiful.


We want you to feel the same - that's why we unfold some of the tricks that nature has up its sleeve by blending plants with other organic ingredients.


If you don't believe it, check our beauty products - they can be green, red, or even dotted. Not only because we like colors and patterns, but because we are 100% natural.


What do we mean by natural ingredients? The same ones you find in your kitchen.


Our creams, balms, and serums sometimes begin in our garden where we grow rosemary for our Shiva Shampoo bars or nettle for our BFF eczema ointment. We mix them in our lab with other essential oils or plant extracts, the majority of which is grown in Portugal. We're vegan.








Our products take care of your body and of our planet.

We use the minimum packaging possible, always recyclable or reusable. For glass jars that need some extra protection during transportation, we reuse materials from our suppliers.  

Whenever possible, we source our ingredients close to our lab in Lisbon. We're sustainable.

  Our cosmetics are made with love, not chemicals. Our lab doesn't use any industrial machinery and all of our products are the result of a thorough study of plants and their effects. 


Our suppliers respect the same rules. We're artisans.




We test our products first on ourselves, our friends and our family. So far, they've only complained they can't test them for longer. 


We never test them on animals and we only use suppliers that are cruelty-free.


We treat nature and all forms of life the same way we treat ourselves: with respect, care, and love.  

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