When will my order arrive?

If you're ordering from Portugal, your order will take between 1 and 7 working days after the online payment or after you've sent us the payment confirmation by email. Below you can check the available shipping options for Portugal. Orders from elsewhere in Europe may take up to 10 working days. We do our best to deliver to other continents within a reasonable time frame. However, the exact delivery date depends on the destination. Our cosmetics are fresh because we produce them in small batches. Sometimes, that means that we might need up to 5 working days to ship your order if the products are not available in stock. Shipping options for Portugal: Orders to Portugal Continent take 1 working day following shipment to arrive at destination. On the delivery day the customer will receive a text message to inform them of the delivery time slot. In case the shipment fails, the delivery company will make two other attempts to deliver the package. In case all three attempts fail, the customer will need to pay the delivery cost to return the package to our shop. Registered packages to Portugal Islands take 1-2 working days following shipment to arrive at destination and the Portuguese post service CTT assumes full responsibility for the delivery. In case of delays, please get in touch with us to check the delivery status. Shipping options for Europe and the rest of the world: Orders from elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the world are registered.

When are sold out items back in shop?

We can't promise an exact day when the cosmetics are back in shop. We produce our high-quality, fresh cosmetics in small batches that receive our full love and attention.
For example, soaps need between 4 and 6 weeks to cure to obtain a consistent product and a stable PH. We always have some available in shop and others that are still in cure. We generally advertise our back-in-shop products on our homepage or by email.


What materials do you use for packaging and transportation?

Reusable glass is our favorite material because it keeps the products fresh for longer. However, using glass means a higher delivery cost and a higher risk of breaking during transportation. For the delivery packages, we use paper, cardboard, and natural fibre string. The bubble wrap we use in deliveries that include glass is always reused and reusable. We use plastic only when eco-friendly alternatives are too expensive or when they involve transportation methods that make our effort useless. We use recycled plastic whenever possible. In our lab we use natural ingredients and ustensils made of glass, wood, or recycled materials to prepare and store the cosmetics. We prefer suppliers located close to Lisbon to avoid the environmental impact of transportation. If you know any trustworthy suppliers, please get in touch with us.

Why do you use recycled aluminium?

We use recycled aluminium only when the quality of our cosmetics isn't compromised. All such cases are recyclable and reusable and the Food Safe coating prevents the contamination of the product.
When you buy a solid product for a second time - for example, the Skin Saver massage bar -, choose the option without a box. Reuse the old box to save money and to support the environment.

Why do you use plastic bottle dispensers?

We have yet to find an eco-friendly alternative that keeps the price at a reasonable level. Most of our creams, balms, and tonics come in glass bottles with a dispenser that helps preserve the product. Air exposure can lead to product oxidation and to ingredients losing their properties prematurely. These dispensers are the only plastics we use. If you know any trustworthy suppliers of eco-friendly packaging located close to Lisbon, please get in touch with us.


How do you test the products?

Our cosmetics and the ingredients we use aren't of animal origin and we never test them on animals. We create all our products with care and respect for our clients and the environment. We only use high-quality natural and biological ingredients, sourced from trustworthy suppliers.
We study each recipe and improve it until we obtain a safe, efficient, and reliable product. The first person who generally tests the products is Joana.

How do you store the cosmetics?

We store our products in a cold or in a dry and dark place. Our stock is always fresh because we produce our cosmetics in small batches.

What exactly do you mean by artisan products?

There is no industrial machinery in our lab. We develop all our cosmetics through artisan methods. This is why we don't sell certain products, such as sunscreen - to obtain a product that safely protects the skin against UV rays, we would need industrial machinery.

How do you color the cosmetics?

All the colors in our cosmetics are natural and reflect the plants we used. We only use biological ingredients, such as plant extracts and oils that we produce in our own lab. We don't use any artificial colors and we don't whiten our creams. This is why our products smell, look, and feel just great.

Why does the product I ordered look differently than the last time I bought it?

All our products are 100% handmade in small batches. This is why the same product can look, smell, or feel differently even if you order it only a week later and even if we used the same recipe.

It's like cooking: even though you use the same method and the same ingredients, the flavor or the smell varies from time to time.


I have allergies / I'm intolerant to certain ingredients. Are Sente Senas cosmetics safe?

Our products are based on natural ingredients. However, natural doesn't mean allergy-free. Essential oils and other natural ingredients can cause skin irritation or reactions in certain people. Please read carefully the description of each product and send us an email if you suffer from intolerance or allergies to certain ingredients. We recommend the following allergy test on first use: apply a bit of product on your forearm and leave it for 24-48 hours without washing the area. If you feel any burning or itching sensation or if your skin gets red, don't use the product. In case you notice any adverse effects, stop the use immediately. Never use our products if you risk suffering an anaphylactic shock to any of our ingredients. We keep our lab meticulously clean and store the products in excellent conditions and in separate recipients. However, contamination between different products could still occur.

Are Sente Senas cosmetics certified?

We only use ingredients that have vegan, natural, and biological certification and, whenever possible, locally produced. However, Sente Senas is a project without external financial support and certifying each product is currently beyond our means. 80% of the ingredients we use have Food Grade certification, which means they are so good you can eat them. All water-based products contain a natural preservative certified by Ecocert, one of the biggest organic certification organizations. Please use your judgement to decide whether our products are good for your body and see a doctor before using them in case you consider it necessary. Our products are not meant to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We are always available to answer any questions.


What is the oil cleansing method and why do you recommend it?

Oil cleansing should be the first step in facial cleansing or any facial skin treatment. It's the only method which doesn't impact your skin's PH and its protective barrier. Those with oily or sensitive skin benefit most from using this gentle cleansing method. Pour 4 drops of Sente Serum or any other cleansing oil on your skin and massage your face with circular movements. Use a small, damp cotton towel to clean the face with lukewarm water. Tone with cold water or floral water to close the pores.

What is an ideal facial care regime?

Use Sente Serum and the oil cleansing method which doesn't impact your skin's PH and its protective barrier.

Alternatively, you can use our tonic and makeup remover Venus Touch: spray a bit of Venus Touch on your face and cleanse with a damp cotton towel. Apply a facial serum or any serum for localized treatment by gently massaging the area. Finish with Namasté day cream or Puxa e Estica night cream.
Wait 1 minute between applications to allow your skin to absorb all the nutrients and the skin cells to adequately react to each product. We recommend using the antiaging products at night, when the skin reacts best to such intense treatments.

Always use sunscreen during the day.

Avoid using soap for facial cleansing - its alkaline PH risks drying out the skin. The only soap we recommend for face use is New Moon, for people with oily or acneic skin.

How should I preserve my products?

Keep your cosmetics in a dry and dark place, avoiding direct sun exposure. Keep your soaps on a porous surface that allows them to breathe and drain, such as a sponge. Our products don't require refrigeration.

How should I take care of my soaps?

We make soaps through an old method of cold processing, avoiding the use of chemicals.

Keep your soaps on a soap dish that drains the water. An alternative is using a big sponge that helps the soap drain the water. The soaps can last up to one year when properly taken care of.

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